Hi-di-hi is a Dutch brand, founded in March 2006 by all round designer Sylvia Y. Krens.

In attempt to bring more fun to the streets, she decided to design bags and accessories which would make passers-by smile and communicate with one-another.

With an eye for detail, quality and function, and, not forgetting a huge amount of fun, she quickly expanded the collection. Within six months, her ‘Travelbaggies’ had been ‘discovered’ and are now produced to be sold in over 1000 quality stores all over the world.

Travelbaggies are available in many shapes and colors. Elements of nature are used in a fun way resulting again and again in a trendy and functional collection.

The looks are cool, the materials are made of high quality, being made out of exclusive leather look, toxic free polyurethane (PU) with a water resisting lining.

All Hi-di-hi products are produced completely Fair Trade, taking care not only of the quality of products, but most of all taking care of the people who manufacture them. Education, insurances, housing and fresh meals, as well as comfort and joy, come just as natural to Hi-di-hi as her products.

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